What is Shop In-Style Personal Shopping?

Picture This: You have 7 stores to shop through. You'll have to deal with the parking, the searching, the lines, and... you know the rest! 

Our personal shoppers have you covered! We make shopping easy AND we save you money too! 

Read below and see how it all works:

Service Overview:


Saving You Money:

Saving You Money:

We help you relax at home and bring you all the items you need or want! Our personal shoppers do quality checks, the running around, and the delivering! But how do we save you money?

Saving You Money:

Saving You Money:

Saving You Money:

Our personal shoppers are mall employees, and many stores offer mall employee discounts between 5% and 10%! We pass these savings on to you! 

Saving You Time:

Saving You Time:

Saving You Time:

Our team knows the mall like our own homes. We beat the traffic and many of the lines so that your wait time is a short as possible. 

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Saving You Time:

Saving You Time:

Visit the FAQ's section to learn even more about Shop In-Style Personal Shopping

Download our Price Guide:

To see our prices, personal shopper rate and delivery rates, please download our PDF below:

Price Guide (pdf)


Order Form:


How do we save you money?

We partner with many of the stores in the Mall in Columbia to give you access to special deals for mall employees. While not all stores offer a mall employee discount, we also save you money on shipping costs. If you order 7 items from 4 stores and want them shipped to your door you may have to pay shipping 4 times. Shop In-Style reduces shipping costs to as low as $3.99 for an entire order. With the time saved on top of it all, we think our services are a huge win!

Service Area:

We service deliveries within 30 miles of the Mall in Columbia. The shipping costs are found in our price guide and fall into one of three categories that are based on distance. Your shipping costs will not exceed $12 per order! Oversized items are excluded from our delivery services because our personal shoppers use their own cars to deliver your items. Certain items will not fit into their vehicles. In this case we will ask that you pick up your item from our curbside location. 

Payments to EC Shop In-Style

We handle transactions in person using Square on a mobile device. Customers are provided an invoice with all the order details. Your order totals are calculated by adding a 5% service charge given to your personal shopper for each item purchased, the service fee, and the additional delivery charge that is incured upon delivery. You are given the invoice on paper and digitally. We run your card and then provide a text or email receipt.

Bulk Orders

Some orders are bulk orders on items such as scarves or shirts. These items are very heavy, and so we charge an additional $5 fee for bulk deliveries to cover handling and driving expenses. PLEASE NOTE: Bulk items are individual items that fit into an SUV but weight over 15 pounds, or multiple items that weigh over 30 pounds. 

Returns or Exchanges

We can not service returns or exchanges for your items and do not refund you for any returned items we serviced. If an item is damaged upon delivery / pick up please email chris@easterncoral.com. Include pictures of the damage. We will assist you in getting a replacement if you contact us within 5 hours after your payment is processed. No additional delivery charges or fees will be issued in this case.